Thursday, July 6, 2017

Resources for teaching about Japanese politics

As I began to write my syllabus for my Fall 2017 Politics of Japan class, I thought that it would be nice to have a place where our members could post and view recent syllabi that they have used to teach that class, as well as other useful resources.  If you have a Politics of Japan syllabus or other resource that you would like to add, please email it to me at michael (DOT) strausz (AT) tcu (DOT) edu.

Syllabi (alphabetized by the instructor's family name):

Other resources for teaching Politics of Japan:

The Point: A blog by Asia Policy Point, a Washington research center studying the U.S. policy relationship with Northeast Asia

East Asia Foundation (Seoul): a website with coverage of Japan/Korea relations and policy debates

Japan Spotlight: a journal with coverage of economy, culture and history issues

Japan Forum on International Relations: a website with good coverage of regional issues

Council on the East Asian Community (Tokyo): a website with good coverage of China/Japan relations and other regional issues

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  1. I urge some caution with the Japan Forum on International Relations. Although they appear to have prominent participants and fund seminars in Washington, they are part of the cult, Worldmate. Their agenda is quite alt-right to pander to the Abe Administration.